Fame and Stardom; Success and Making it!

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Do you feel that it's really lonely at the top to success?

In my personal opinion, I would say heck yeah cause in many cases to the word success it really is lonely at the top.

When one is successful, they can't seem to find someone to go the distance with them. I'm one person who is very successful but can't seem to keep a relationship with my friends to save my life or ever have my boyfriend take me serious and he just keeps running away from me which leaves me sad cause of the success that I've created for myself because when one has success, you'll see who will want to walk through those gates with you and who will go with you all the way.

Some people who are successful will constatly say to themselves; success is a curse all because once you've reached the top, you'll see who your real friends are, who will want to be around you or who will use you for your connections just to get ahead on the strength of your name ringing bells from everyone knowing you're the next hot thing and some will go all out of their way to take you out or even try to push you out of the way just to fill your shoes or try to steal your spotlight just because they want to be you.

But when success and fame is involved there's a lot of jealousy and envy.

I feel that that's one of the reasons why most people who become really rich and famous turn into the life of drugs because they become very depressed cause there's no one in their corner to be by them once they've really made it. So some might just commit suicide.

Know that: it's really tough in the industry with many pressures that you have to face and deal with. But is it really all about faking it to make it and pretending on an everyday basis once you've made it when you're really dying on the inside and you have no one in your corner to really care about you cause you must always fake it to make it and keep it straight at all times.

However, I've had some feedback on this subject and one has told me that it's really lonely if you kick your friends to the curb and it's really lonely at the top if you choose for it to be lonely cause you really don't have to be. Cause believe it or not, you have to deal with disagreements and opinions from your friends about your success which I feel they can't seem to understand, let alone imagine what you have to go through as a successful person. To tell you the truth on that note, I would honestly say that when success and making it to the top is an issue, you'll start to see the hate from everyone that believes that you shouldn't have made it when you worked really hard to get there.

But it's really all about jealousy and envy especially if you've created success all by yourself without the help of anyone else.

I personally congratulate and applaude a person who's done it all by themselves cause I know that takes a lot of work in itself and it only takes a genius to really create a career and success for themselves cause I've created a lot of success on my own and no one understands how I did it all by myself and I really understand what it really takes to get that far. It also takes a lot of sleep less nights to get there and yes, it really is a cut throat world and a lot of things go down in the industry so you have to be more thick skinned than anything cause when you're successful, the industry expects a lot from you meaning you have to keep a certain image, a certain weight, look, style and great word of mouth of what you do and if you can't do that you're not considered industry material cause the industry waits for no one.

So you see, being very successful has a lot of its ups and downs believe it or not and the industry can sometimes be very dangerous especially if you're a hot chick that's got a lot going on. You'll meet a lot of crazy people that will stalk you when they're obsessed with you.

When you're successful, you must aways watch your back at all times cause someone is always watching you and you just don't know it.

Did anybody know that when success and fame is involved, there's always somoene out there who will constantly try to detsroy your credibility which will follow you all the way through the industry no matter how far you've come or even try to destroy your love relationships by creating stories that aren't even true.

You see that's why it's lonely at the top to success cause people will do a lot of crazy things to you. That's why you must always lay low and don't get caught up in any type of hot water cause you might as well kiss your career goodbye and then that's when everyone will be happy especially the ones who didn't want to see you get there. But it's up to you to allow someone to drive you crazy. That is one of the reasons why most people that become successful change their names. It's basically for the image and the catchy name that will gain a lot of exposure and ratings and of course for your privacy and security cause there's nothing worse than a fan cause a fan can kill you or stalk you just cause they love you that much that they can find you.

That's one of the reasons why most famous peoples names aren't in the phone book cause 9 out of 10 times they're not listed cause of the fear of their past coming back to haunt them or it's just a fan sweating them.

To all the successful and famous people and all minor celebs that are out there, have you ever been in a relationship with someone and they decided to up and leave you even after you've discussed future together?

Well in a case like that, when they leave you they will always seem to want to return once your career starts to take off for the better. But it's up to you to take them back case  if they can just up and leave you hanging high and dry, what do you think will happen when you're really deep out there, so you have to think, will they go the distance with you in this lonely world of success.

But always remember; success doesn't mean a thing if you have no one in your corner or on your side.

So on that note; go figure...

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Fame and Stardom; Success and Making it!

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This article was published on 2010/12/16
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