How Successful Is IVF?

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The number of live births is the measure if IVF is successful. And not all couples who decide to go through the process of IVF get the results that they expect. This is a good question to ask since success will not be same with all cases. There would always be mishaps and unpredictable outcomes during or after the process. What is of importance is that couples have to be physically, emotionally and financially prepared before they work through this intricate infertility treatment.

The most identified determining factors which can affect the live births or the success of IVF are the age of women, the causes of the inability to produce or infertility, the adequacy of the laboratory or clinic, and the choice between the use of donor reproductive cells or not. The health condition also of the woman where the babies will likely to develop is a very significant factor. In fact, there are many things that needs to be avoided and followed conscientiously the moment IVF process is started.

Normally, with all other elements held constant, majority of published studies show that for women undergoing IVF that are below 35 years old are most like to conceive successfully as likened to those who are in the age bracket above 40 years old. More likely there are bigger chances of conceiving when using donor eggs. All the same, the numerical data or stats provided by reputable medical research facilities or agencies could only show you the possibility of success but it will never give you the exact measure of success in every case or your case for instance.

There are prevalent cases where pregnancy becomes possible but miscarriages happen along the way due perhaps with multiple births or the health of the mother. In the case of those IVF done outside the human womb, the treatment or interventions used could also cause this termination. There are as well many current researches that were made and some still being made to establish links in identifying dominant hormones that could be produced by women, making it an indication for IVF success.

There are latest scientific studies that give the couples the chance to run a test first if they would be capable to have successful conception through IVF, you might want to research this breakthrough that would only take a minute to use. Although these are still ongoing studies it would be good to follow the thread until this comes out available in time especially if you are already almost convinced to try out IVF.

Before deciding to undergo IVF, it would be wise if you check first the risks involve, how the process works, and how successful it would be in your case as to not waste time, money and be freed from the burden of frustration. The internet has a rich source of medical information that could help you weigh things well. It would also be good if you talk to your doctor before making IVF as an option.

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How Successful Is IVF?

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This article was published on 2011/07/06