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You don't have to join the recession. I know that sounds silly, but I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thought. Regardless of the economic climate you have a choice to be controlled and manipulated by the "doom and gloom" media frenzy, whether or not you choose to think powerless or powerful, fearful or fearless. You can be successful and create opportunity for success in this "new economy."

I suggest that you focus on inspiring personal success. Whatever you focus your thoughts and energy on you will get more of. So why not spend your energy and thought on being successful in times of challenge and uncertainty, and guarantee yourself a positive outcome.

There are seven actions you can take that will inspire personal success that translates to business success and it costs you zero dollars and a relatively small investment in time.

1. Keep track of your accomplishments. Take the time to write down your accomplishments regularly. Whether it's acquiring a new client, launching a new product, reaching a monthly sales target/goal, or completing a professional development program. Glance back at these from time to time-they will inspire you to new heights.

2. Identify and acknowledge your strengths/talents. Quite often we focus on our weaknesses and that doesn't allow us to do what we do best. Simply making a list of words or phrases (at least 10) that describe your attributes and talents will keep your focus on what you do well and why people do business with you. If you get stuck ask a friend or colleague to give you five words that describe your attributes.

3. Leverage your strengths. Your strengths are your assets; this is a time to leverage your assets. After doing the above exercise, ask yourself how can I leverage these attributes? What can I do more of that leverages my strengths? Your current and prospective clients will be more attracted to you. This will have a positive impact on your business.

4. Make your personal avocation your vocation. In other words, do what you love to do. If you are unhappy at what you are doing, or aren't feeling a sense of satisfaction, stop doing it. You might shutter at the thought of starting a new job or new business in a time of less certainty but continuing to be miserable doesn't lead to greater success.

5. Think and act abundantly. The law of abundance. There are plenty of clients for everyone. If you are not practicing the law of abundance, start now. If you believe there isn't enough to go around there won't be. Be abundant in your thoughts, and in your actions and you will have a more abundant business.

6. Be generous. Be generous to yourself and others. Acknowledge your successes as well as the success of others. Offer an extra bit of advice or guidance, reassess your fee structure and consider adjustments that match the current climate (without de-valuing your services) prospective clients will appreciate it and become your advocates. The more generous we are the more we receive in return.

7. Accentuate the positive. Be mindful of your actions and accentuate the positive.

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Inspire Personal Success

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This article was published on 2010/04/04