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I have been in deep thought lately trying to figure out what separates successful individuals from unsuccessful ones and have come to only one conclusion... It has to be mindset! It is the only thing that makes sense to me. The reason I believe mindset is the all important factor to success is that mindset controls your actions!

People act on what is on their mind and therefore determine the outcome of whatever they are thinking before they ever start! Let's say, for example, I am looking at a business opportunity on the internet that looks to be very interesting and appears as though one could have very good success with it.

Now, the key here is my mindset... Remember that! If I have the thought in the back of my mind "yeah this looks good and appears as though one could have good success with it but I am just not that good at that sort of thing and would probably not be able to do it... but I will give it a shot"... you have already set yourself up for failure before you even start because your mindset is not giving you any credit! Therefore you are destined to fail!

With this mindset you will put forth very little effort and end up quitting because you told yourself before you ever started that you would probably fail! Guess what? It happened! Not because the opportunity was at fault but because you didn't believe enough in your own abilities to go forward and take massive action and give it your all!

Now let's take, for example, I am looking at the same opportunity and can see that it looks like a good opportunity and appears as though I can have very good success with it. I Take a second look learning all I can and tell myself that I am going to join this opportunity and I will have success no matter what it takes! I will work hard, follow instructions, be teachable and persevere until I reach my goal of success with this business opportunity!

I know other people are doing this and I know I can do it too! I will achieve success beyond my wildest dreams because I have made up my mind and I am willing to go the extra mile and take massive action on a daily basis! My success is inevitable because I can and will do the necessary work to make it happen! I will never stop and I will not fail because failure is not an option!

Can you see the difference? Is it becoming clear to you now why some fail and some have success beyond imagination? If your mind tells you that you can't...You're right! If your mind tells you that you can..... Guess what? You're right! Mindset is the key to success no matter what you are trying to achieve in life! A negative mindset will keep you in poverty for the rest of your life! It's a fact!

A positive mindset, however, will take you places that you only previously imagined and make you the successful person you deserve to be! Go out and pick your dream and run with it with all your mind, body and soul because nothing is impossible to you if only you will make up your mind to achieve it!

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Success is Easy

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This article was published on 2010/04/04