The Secret of Success

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Success and failure are two sides of the same issue. You usually heard that if you are hard-working and smart, you will get the riches and wealth. Successful people have a clear and blazing desire. So, what is your desire and how can you gain the winners edge?



But if that were true why are construction workers, manufacturing labor employees and clean-up men rich? If all that it took was those jobs to do it? Well, when I started to really study that thought I started to change what was happening in my life. The in-home business industry is full of people who want to go to create an easy 5-10k a month. Only 3% DO IT! Why? Because they know that there is no comfort in going out and doing something GREAT!


William Wallace did not find comfort in the fight for freedom! Dr. Martin Luther King, did not find the comfort in the fight for freedom! The soldiers in Iraq and Iran both sides American as well as Middle Eastern find no comfort in the struggle for the people or ideas that they hold true to them.


Leaders know persistence and commitment are important. Successful people play where the money is at. They have weekly commitments like Ben Franklin. In the process of doing and doing, they get better and better.


Successful people ask themselves questions like "what would it take for my business to run at peak efficiency with everyone having a ball?"


There are 3 phases to NWM: The excitement phase. The criticism phase. The self-doubting phase. If you have had anytime in the industry at all you have experienced these and they are probably the things that got you to quit or to push forward.


It's up to you and your brain. Your mind is your greatest asset. You are your thoughts. The secret is not trying so hard but in spontaneous performance.


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Ray Tamayo is a trainer and speaker on the development of people and organizations. Most of what he has discovered is the economical trends and the trends of an individuals life cycle. Having personally studied the mind in parameters to the New Physics and The New Economy and how the relationship with one another is a key component to the whole.

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The Secret of Success

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This article was published on 2010/05/13