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Success is near us, and it is not only granted for those great men. Everyone can make a great difference in your field if you persist. Stepping forward is a success. It is well known that a good beginning is half done. The same thing is that good and appropriate methods are the foundation of success. I hope the 30 advices can server your purpose.
1. Praise people when they are not present.
2. Say “good morning” to everyone around you
3. Keep a freshness mind after multiple consecutive days of overtime  
4. Keep a private space and don’t let it be touched.
5. Use “we” as far as possible and engage a harmonious conversation.
6. Watch your mouth and figure out what question you should ask and what can’t.
7. Don’t join to speak ill of people.
8. Less talk, more work when there are a lot of people.
9. Shake hands a little long and show your respect.
10.  Don’t claim the credit that you didn’t deserve.
11.  Don’t borrow money from your friends unless it is urgent.
12.  Don’t easy make a promise and keep your promise.
13.  Deal with the mistake of your boss
14.  Interrupting is Impolite.
15.  Don't dress better than your boss.
16.  Let your boss know your performance.
17.  Possess a heart of gratitude and the will to contribute
18.  Don't make fun of others’ shortcoming.
19.  Think second before you leap (look before you leap)
20.  Watch your mouth and behavior if you don’t want to get hurt in social parties.
21. You should make a clear distinction between work and daily life.
22.  Let your boss know what you are doing.
23.  Don’t forget to give yourself a big hand.
24.  Collect the information, and then process them.
25.  More self-criticism less self-commendable
26.  Don’t make the excuse for your fault.
27.  Don’t claim that you understand yourself best, actually otherwise.
28.  Don’t give negative response to criticism
29.  Be honest with what you don’t know.
30.  Be task directed rather than people oriented.
31.  Be kind and soft to others
Action speaks louder than words. It is not easy to do as above advice. Sometimes we will be lost in the way that connected to a success. We are plunged into a dilemma situation, and we can't find a way out. Don’t give up and believe that you are a great man, and you can overcome any difficulties. Success is near you and what you should do is just Step  forward.


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The Secret Of Success

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The Secret Of Success

This article was published on 2011/10/31